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      Hi! Can I go to Globe and make them unlock my TM simcard? I was worried that they have different services. 

      I want to gain my number back, you know, simcard-owner relationship for years :smileysad: :smileysad: 

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          Have you kept your TM's prepaid kit? I think there is a PUK code there.

          Well, if you lost it. You can try to call them before going to a Globe store to save you from the hassle.
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            If you still kept the sim casing, good.

            but if not and you still want to retain your number, you may rush to nearest Globe store and request for sim replacement (subject to sim series availability) and pay for the sim replacent fee dont worry its will only cost you minimal amount P40.00 max however you cannot retrieved back your phone contacts.


            P.S. keep your new sim casing in a safe place just in case you'll get in troubled with PUK again.