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    Another re approval


      HI just to share my experience with globe post paid online application.


      On oct 11 i applied for a Post paid plan 999 for huiwei ascend mate

      it took several weeks for this to be aproved.

      On oct 23 i was approved.

      But did not receive any calls about the delivery

      On oct 28 received a call that the handset is no longer on stock and will never be onstock again.

      so i dont have any option but to change handset but.. there are no other handset id like in plan 999

      so what i did is to change plan to 1799 they told me that its for pre approval and will only take 24 to 48 hours.. guess what until now there no feed back regarding the pre approval.. what a waste of time. globe really a pain in *** in terms of post paid application