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    Globe Capping Not Only Games but Other Sites?


      So, I'm kind of curious. I've given Globe one last chance/shot before I literally move out from them. Is Globe capping Twitch.tv, Google.com, etc? I've given up on ever playing online games normally from their service even though that's one of my biggest leisure/entertainment when I'm off work but it isn't right that I can't even fully enjoy some of the sites I want to go to specially Twitch.tv, I can't watch normally without the video stuttering every second, it's on 'LOW' quality and the speed that it can only seem to get is about 30kbps up to 60kbps. One thing I noticed as well I tried trace routing Google.com once when I was suspicious on why some sites seem to time-out when I try to load them, turns out there are lots of time-outs on hops.


      Oh, well I'll just wait for next week for them to cap me again, for the last time, unjustly then I'll move out.


      DSL users feedback are mostly appreciated since Torque users are way ahead of DSL and Wireless users.