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    Hotline application frustration


      Hi everyone,


      I applied for an postpaid plan (499) on September 16 with the reference number 51387049. Handset back then was Samsung Galaxy S Duos. As per checking with the hotline sales on a daily basis, the phone is still subject to availability which prompted me to change the device/handset to Huawei Ascend G510. I gave it more time since I got the word from the hotline sales that this device is available and would get back to me as soon as possible. I was given an update that the application modification was approved last September 26, exactly 10 days after my initial order. 


      Then the true waiting game began...


      After 1 week of no update, I called but to no avail. Then 2, 3, and 4 weeks still no update of when the delivery would arrive. The hotline sales team would just apologize for the matter and would reiterate that the device is still subject to availability. Take note that this is my second device since the primary device were no longer available. 


      Out of desperation, I opted for the Cloudpad bundle which is available for Plan 499 on October 15. Up until now, to this date, mind you, all the word I got was my plan was re-approved, but the bundle itself is STILL subject to availability (even though I was again assured that the device was available should I opt to modify my device).


      I thought that hotline applications were more efficient compared to the walk-in transaction but I guess I was wrong. Its been more than a month since I applied for the plan and still no device, SIM, return-call nor the slightest update. I was assured that some guys from the sales team would get back to me at the soonest possible time since my application were already more than a month due.


      Can someone from the community help me with regards to this matter? Should I just cancel and apply directly to Globe Store instead? I've been patient long enough and I think its about time that I should file a formal complaint just to speed things up a bit.


      I'd appreciate if someone would get back to me at the soonest possible time. Thank you in advance!

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          Hi @danithomasarvin ...


          We do not know where you got the idea that applying online was more efficient than going directly to the Globe Business Center where your application could be processed right away provided that your papers are complete, credible and quickly verifiable and also assuming that your choice unit is available at that particular branch. At least that was my experience and the experience of most of the people who post in this community.


          If you need the line right away and cannot wait any longer due to their inefficiency, I would suggest that you re-apply in a GBC citing out that you have been approved already by giving the reference number. Before doing so however, ask the GBC the devices that are available for your particular plan and if they could release such in case you are approved.


          Good luck.