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    billing shock....


      im a bit confused of my bill..this is my first bill...whats MRF?and why i have a charge on "best ever my super plan" twice?a total of 3k? and the current bill charges i realy dont get it...my total current bill is 10K?how is this possible?and total amount due is 1.6k which i already paid.bbyran ko ba yan 10k nxt bill?yan b tlga bill ko 10k for 1mnth??di ko nga naconsume lahat ng calls and tx ko..can anyone expalin this pls?


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          Hi @shamuel08 ... I think your Bill Statement shows it all...


          MRF means Monthly Recurring Fee or simply the amount of your plan you are subscribed to which I believe is Plan 1799 or Php 1799 broken down as Php 1606.25 + 12% VAT of Php 192.75.


          You availed of the Plan with the iphone last Sept 20 and was charged as follows:

          Cash out for iphone - Php 6,428.57 + 12% VAT of 771.43 = Php 7200.00

          Advance MRF - Php 1799.00

          Total Payment of Sept 20 is Php 8999.00 (Php 7200 + 1799 as reflected in your bill under "Details of Payment")


          You were charged twice for your MRF because those were 2 different time periods as shown in your bill:


          1. A prorated MRF charge of Php 1499.17 + 12% VAT of 179.90 totalling Php 1679.07 representing Sept 20 up to Oct 17, Notice that this is less than 1 month ans therefore you were not charged the whole Php 1799.00 and the reason why it is called prorated... it is to syncronize your payment with your assigned billing cycle which would end every 17th of the month.


          2. An MRF of Php 1606.25 + 12% VAT of 771.43 = Php 7200.00 representing the period from Oct 18 up to Nov 17.



          Deducing from the above and having all adjustments made and to syncronize your billing cycle, your Outstanding Balance would be good to pay for your subscription up for the Best Ever Plan up to November 17.


          Again... you only need to pay Php 1679.07 (Current Bill Php 10,678.07 LESS Payments made last Sept 20 Php 8999.00 = Php 1679.07)


          Any questions or clarifications? Nothing to be shocked about... just patience in understanding.


          (I suggest that you erase your mobile phone number to protect your privacy)

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            Ok.thanks.i understand it now.