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    Re-Contracting ISSUE taking too long. tired of waiting...please help


      i applied for re-contracting last october 17, 2013 at made my transactiong through live chat with the agent name mitch.she scheduled the pickup of the handset october 29,1013 but the globestore where i can claim the handset say that theres nothing arrive yet.then i call the hotline the day after to follow it up but sadly the agent said that my application did not push through cause my credit limit did not meet the requiered limit.disappointed but then i tried to follow it up via live chat again to complain about what the hotline agent said. i chat with the agent with the name aiza but she said sorry for the delay bcoz at the moment the globestore where i can claim it has no available unit and schedule the activation of new plan this november 16, 2013. i thought that i will be activated upon the pick up of the handser.what should i do?