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    Recontracting vs. Cancelling Non-Lockup Plan to Apply for New Line of Service


      I have dealt so far with recontracting 24-month lock up period plans for 3 of my families line of service and this is what I believe: priority shuld be given to Loyalty costumers who still stick with the crappy customer service that Globe provides for it's customers. This being said, the recontracting department feels like they don't coordinate or take note of previous calls or read notes place by prior agents who has already spoken with customers about recontracting. 


      The recontracting department should prioritize Loyalty customers. PERIOD.


      My scenario:

      My aunt called Globe recontracting department to get the Samsung S4 on the 1799 plan. They asked her to pay her outstanding balance which was only 2499 and have her call back 3 days after the payment was posted to her account. 3 days later, she called back. She spoke again with another agent and told her she would be able to recontract her line but the stock for the Samsung S4 was minimal. They asked her if she would be willing to wait about 5 business days. She said, of course. The agent advised her they would call her ASAP when stocks were available. A week goes by, and no agent has followed up. Again she calls Globe. This agent tells her that she needs to send new proof of financial capacity. Like hello, my aunt's credit limit is 2700 and her old plan was 2499. She is now downgrading to 1799, so shouldn't that be enough? 


      She emails them them her latest credit card statement and back up documents such as bank statements and remittances. It takes Globe another 4 days just to reply, and they told her she would be receiving a call from a Customer Investigation agent the following day.


      It has now been 15 days. And the CI states that she is approved and has to wait for the delivery team to call her to schedule a time of delivery. No type of a call was made to my aunt. 2 days later (Day 17), she follows up with Globe and they escalate the concern and DO NOT GIVE HER A REFERENCE NUMBER. So she waits again, 2 more days. And calls one last time. But this time, to cancel the recontracting. The agent automatically gives her a reference number stating her application for recontracting will be cancelled.


      The next day, Day 20 she goes to a Globe store with me and makes sure her active postpaid line gets cancelled. The agent tells her she can cancel this postpaid number and apply for a new line of service. My aunt wasn't willing to do that, since she already had her active number for 2 years and it would be costly to her and her contacts if she changed it. But, she decided that she would give it a try.


      She applied for a new postpaid line, gave all the documents needed for the application and was told she would be contacted in 1-2 business days. The agent called her the following day at 1030AM and said she was approved! HOW MUCH BS IS THIS?! 


      If she was able to cancel her plan quickly and apply for a new plan with a different number why on earth wasn't she able to just recontract easily? Again, I state - RECONTRACTING FOR LOYALTY CUSTOMERS SHOULD BE PRIORITIZE. IT DOESN'T REALLY MAKE SENSE TO ME, EVERYTHING IS SO REVERSE. 


      So what's your take on this? My current lock up period will end this November 6th and with the hassle that my family went through, I'm just thinking of cancelling and applying for a new line since it would be so much easier. BUT, the only downfall would have to be again, the switching of a new number. 

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          Hi @MaeAnicete ...


          There are several factors which may be causing the inconvenience you are encountering:


          1. Many of those things happening may be caused by this so called "system upgrade". Check http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/General-Discussion/System-Upgrade-or-Downgrade/m-p/51865#M1903 for more.


          2. In my whole 19 years with Globe, the timeframe for them to do something was very rarely followed that being on time was more an exception rather than the rule. Some of my experiences with Globe Customer Services could be found in http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/General-Discussion/What-CUSTOMERS-CAN-DO-to-experience-Better-Customer-Service/m-p/11840#M449


          3. Loyalty is just a marketing term to retain a base of subscribers for ego purposes. Loyalty offers with telcos only started in the late 90's or early 2000 because of competition. Believe it or not, PLDT still does not offer anything for loyalty. Easier cash flow and bigger revenues are in Prepaid and not Postpaid. There was even a time that Globe loyalty was based on the subscriber's usage and not the length of one's subscription. Even now the offerings of loyalty is based on the plan being used and no where would the length of subscription be factored in. Do we still wonder why loyalty is not prioritized?


          4. Allocation of units is different from New Applications and Loyalty incentives. Do I need to elaborate why new application is a better business decision to prioritize over loyalty?


          5. Your experience is not unique nowadays and we've always said that patience is a virtue. You may want to wait it out until the unit that you want would be available OR do what I always avail of ... a BILL REBATE. Assuming that your account is in order, the processing of this bill rebate is just a phone call away. The bill rebate they are offering now is 30 to 50% higher than 2 years ago. The beauty also of availing of a bill rebate is that though they tell you that you are "locked up" for 24 months, you can actually opt to terminate it without any fees and avail of a bigger rebate if it is offered. For us consumers, it is a better financial decision as the rebates are fixed or even get bigger as time gets by. The device drastically depreciates over time and would only be half the value after a year.


          If you are really bent on getting a device, why not get it from authorized dealers? From my experience, the price might even be lower and could be amortized through your credit card with easy payment schemes. You can also factor in the savings from the availment of your bill rebates to the payment of your amortation and would still come out on top.


          Let us know what you decide on.

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            Hi Mae. I have sent you a private message. :smileyhappy:
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              One more thing, if you guys don't want people saying st*pid or s*ck then you guys should do something about issues pointed out by your "LOYAL" customers!
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                @ChitoReyes sir tanung lng..malayu kc dito samin ang globe store kia dito ako community ask..if i upgrade to iphone forever plan 1999 do i need to pay 1999 downpayment for 1mnth or di na?kc pag kuha ng postpaid plan aside from the cash out nag down pa ng 1mnth payment dba?applcble din b to dito sa upgrade?