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    Need HELP in GUI Password.


      Good Morning everyone. I need help in changing my SSID and Password because when I checked the GUI of my modem earlier, 12 devices are connected and far as I know we only have 4. I've been wondering why our internet connection has slowed down in the past few months, but I know the reason now. The problem is, whenever I access the GUI via, and when I scroll down to Advanced Settings Tab, it's prompting me to enter a password (which is not my wi fi password after making several attempts). The User Type is "User" and the Password field is blank. I've read several blogs and it's always mentioned that Default Type User should be "admin" and Default Password is admin as well but I guess the reason why I'm getting the User Type as user is because I am using a different computer. Initially, the internet connection is set up for our desktop which is no longer working. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone can help me out in getting the right password. By the way, I sent an email to Globe but there's no response yet. Thanks in advance!