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    Paper Bill late delivery


      My first 3 months with [email protected] I get the paper bill a week before the due date but on my 4th month, I received it a week AFTER the due date which is kind of pointless. And last month, no paper bill arrived!


      Ain't the point of paper bill is to remind you of your dues?

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          Hi! Totally, Your bill is released on your cut-off date, this means that globe is always a few days earlier than your due date thus the courrier is the one who need to be fast not globe.

          For much better have a request to have paperless bulling, or both paperless and paperbill delivery mode.

          To do the paperlessbilling  - http://beta.globe.com.ph/paperlessreg

          To have the both delivery method - Please call the holtine or chat with globe representatives
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            Hi @coffeefrappe - Apologies for that. Paper bills are being delivered by courier services and at the same time can be effected by weather conditions, etc.

            As such, we recommend subscribing to paperless billing at www.globe.com.ph/gogreen so you can receive your e-bill via email shortly after your cut off date. This will not just bring convenience to you not having to wait for your paper bill, but it also helps the environment save the trees.