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    Question about Cashouts




      Hi. I'm planning to apply for the LG G2 plan P1,799 but is thinking of getting it with the 18-months lock in period [4k+ cashout]. Now my question is, when do i pay the cashout [is it during application or just upon approval?] and how long does it usually take them to process it? Oh and another thing, would the time to process it be the same as processing a phone without a cashout? I kinda need it asap and won't be able to wait 2 weeks for it. Please advise, thanks!


      OT: Do you think getting the LG G2 is the best choice? Also eyeing the new Note 3 but I've been reading that they tend to lose stocks due to mass demands.



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          Hi @EdgarDalupan ... your queries:

          1. Pay the cashout upon approval. It's also for your own good.

          2. Processing time is erratic nowadays and we suggest that you apply instead in a Globe Business Center with stocks of the device you want. If they find your papers to be in order, credible and easily verifiable then you might be able to get your phone on the same day.

          3. With or w/o cashout, the processing time is the same.

          4. G2 or Note3, both are in demand and I suggest you check on the stocks available for release for new applications in the most convenient Globe Business Center (GBC). Each GBC may have different stocks so you might have to go around and ask.