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    About changing cut-off date


      Postpaid subscriber here, Plan 999.


      I just want to ask about the cut-off date.


      Every 17th po kasi yung cut-off date ko.

      Ano po bang ma-chechange sa bill ko or mamomodify sa subscription ko if I change it to 23rd?

      May charge po ba?

      Anong mangyayari sa combos ko na marerenew dapat sa 18th(day after 17th) kung sa 23rd na yung cut-off ko?


      And last one po. If my cut-off date is 17th, and I applied for UnliSurf 999 on the 25th, ma-eexpire po ba yung booster ko the day after the cut-off date or sa next 25th pa mawawala un?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hi @GeorgeeOsido ... your queries:


          1. You can change your bill cutoff and there will be no extra charge.


          2. Your COMBOS would have to be changed based on your new cut-off date as COMBOS (not boosters) are dependent on cut-off dates. 


          ii. Specific to Combos, changes must be made four (4) days before or after the cut-off period, and will be effective the next billing cut-off. The Subscriber may modify the Combos by going to the nearest Globe Store, calling the Hotline, or logging in at the Globe Website (Plan Builder). 


          I suggest though that you make sure that your cut-off date would be changed successfully before making any changes. Based on my experience, it would be better to go to a Globe Business Center so they could actually show you the changes they made in their computer. 


          3. Regarding BOOSTERS... your BOOSTERS would expire every 30 days regardless of your cut-off date.


          iii. Specific to Plan Boosters, the Subscriber may enroll to any of the available Plan Boosters anytime and will be effective immediately. Once subscribed, the Plan Booster(s) will be automatically charged on top of the Monthly Service Fee (MSF) on the current bill cut-off. The Plan Booster(s) will auto-renew every thirty (30) days unless Subscriber opts out/terminates. The Subscriber may add or terminate the Plan Booster(s) by going to the nearest Globe Store, calling the Hotline, or logging in at the Globe Website (Plan Builder). However, Monthly fee(s) for the Plan Booster will not be pro-rated even if Subscriber opts-out/terminates the same prior to the expiration of the 30-day period. 

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            nka chnage kba ng cut off date? anung nangyari.