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    Query about Local Data Charges


      Postpaid user again here. I am registered sa 50mb surf (combo A)


      In my last bill, I saw a section telling the details of local data charges:



      KB Browsing Charges - WEB/Internet

      ---Total Volume .............. 29,701.00KB


      KB Browsing Charges - WAP

      ---Total Volume .............. 3,987.00KB


      Can someone tell me what is the difference between WEB/Internet data and WAP data?


      I only use my data mildly(via 3G) for twitter and facebook. And one time I used it to send an e-mail.

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          Without getting too technical about it, WAP is Wireless Application Protocol or a technical standard in accessing information through mobile devices such as our phones. It allows certain programs made specifically for WAP (like WAP mobile browsers) to use less data (or less Kb) but getting the same or condensed content over our mobile device or phone taking into consideration the phone's screen size and limited button controls among other things. Because of its limitation though, many things meant for WAP sacrifice visual content and overall user experience as a pay-off for using less data.


          Traditional web browsers such as (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari, etc) allow us to access web pages on the Internet but these web pages are huge in data because of high graphics and image resolution and much more text and information and all those bells and whistles.