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    THE WEEK AHEAD – November 4 – November 8




      Hello Community!


      As we enter November, we also feature a new theme for the WEEK AHEAD.


      We know that websites have been spurring out from everywhere. Websites may be being developed every minute or even every second. And because of this fast rate of creating websites; we decided to give you guys some cool sites that you should really check out.


      Welcome to the world around the web November


      Here is this week's THE WEEK AHEAD:smileyvery-happy:





      P.S. Want to contribute to the Community? Just send me a PM!




      THE WEEK AHEAD – November 4 – November 8


      Monday, November 4:

      - Divided when it comes to their music genre, but united under one Globe. See this great collaboration of our artists. It is truly a #WonderfulXmasTime




      Tuesday, November 5:

      - Curious on what the future holds? This site, let’s you see or grasp the idea of the future. Let’s take a sneak peek of the future with @JeromeP 


      Wednesday, November 6:

      - Find more ways on how you can use and manage your GCASH. Drop by here to see the wonderful perks that are in store for you.


      Thursday, November 7:

       - Throwback Thursday!

       - Ready for a throwback that will surely blow your mind? Check out the first ever website!


      Friday, November 8:

       - Generally, discussions never stop or end. You discuss with your friends, families, or colleagues. With that said, did you ever feel that you want to discuss the topic even more or want other people to build on your idea? Well, now, you can share these discussions with the world.

       - @puge shares the site that contains all the cool things/topics in the web









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