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    My internet's been gone for 3 days and and I haven't gotten any help from Globe. Who should I call?


      I have the internet bundle + landline. Three nights ago, the internet just stopped working. My landline phone does not have a dial tone too. So I called customer service and I was forwarded to tech support but to no avail. I kept calling until someone finally took the call. However, the tech support could not figure what went wrong with my internet connection. I checked everything, I followed all instructions given by tech support, but my internet still did not work. I was told there was no network problem around my area, so it was best that a technician will check my internet at home. I was given a schedule for the technician's visit, which was yesterday, but there was no exact time specified. I waited the whole day for the technician to come but no one showed up. I called customer service once again to see what's going on. This time, the excuse was that a problem in the area occured and no one is available to visit and inspect my internet problem, despite having a schedule set by the same people. Anyway, I was told they will send an update within the day, but I didn't get anything. I don't know how they are intending to fix my internet problem without a technician coming to see what's wrong. Tech support can't help me,  and I don't know if I will ever hear from the technician they're supposed to send. Who should I call? Who takes care of these kids of problems of broadband subscribers?