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    eto na po ung bill ko

      mrf -2141.07
      Usage (net of consumable)- 887.43
      paki explain po.. s4 1799 plan.. asn po jan ung1799
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          Your MRF of Php 1799 is already VAT included but to be more specific, it is the total of the base price of Php 1588.40 and the 12%VAT of Php 210.60 (Php 1588.40 + 210.60 = Php 1799.00).


          Your bill reflects an MRF of Php 2141.07 where VAT is not included since VAT is seperated from the base price as mandated by law. Your MRF for that month was a result of your regular MRF of Php 1588.40 (1799 w/o VAT) and Php 552.67 (w/o VAT) which may be a pro-rated MRF to adjust your availment of the plan to your regualr billing cycle.


          You would be able to see the applicable MRF period dates under the details of your bill.


          So to answer your question, the 1799 was reflected under MRF (Php 1588.40 as part of the Php 2141.07) and under VAT (Php 210.60 as part of the Php 363.43).