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    Globe and Blackberry invite you to party with ZEDD!


      Party with Globe! :smileyvery-happy:


      Globe and Blackberry invite you to party with ZEDD.png



      Get ready to have the party/concert of your life as Globe Postpaid is giving away (1) One free Zedd Concert ticket and FREE entrance to three Hyve Parties when you get a Blackberry Z10 or Q10 at any Plan via www.globe.com.ph


      Planning to get the handset offers, but don’t know which offer is the best one or the one that will fit you? Well, let me share with you on what we think is the best/recommended Globe Postpaid Plan for BlackBerry Q10 / Z10 LTE

      • - The BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 LTE is recommended with the Best Ever My Super Plan, Yours at P1,499 – this is Plan 999 + 500/ mo. Handset cash out (Cash out of 12,000 amortized for 24 mos. 0% interest via Credit Card) It comes with Unlimited LTE Surfing with free calls and texts


      Now that you have chosen your plan, it’s time to party!  Let me share with you the mechanics on how you could avail of this wonderful 2 in 1 promo:

      • - Get a concert party package inclusive of One (1) Free Concert ticket to Zedd’s Clarity World Tour, and P1750 off discount on Zedd Tickets, FREE entrance to 3 parties at Hyve and 10% off discount coupon on Hyve and Skye Bar when you get a Blackberry Z10 or Q10 at any Plan via www.globe.com.ph
      • - Details of the tickets is as follows:
        1. One (1) Ticket to Zedd Clarity World Tour – SMX on December 12, 2013
        2. One (1) Ticket (valid for 2 people) to Hyve’s First Party
        3. One (1) Ticket (valid for 2 people) to Hyve’s Second Party
        4. One (1) Ticket (valid for 2 people) to Hyve’s Thrid Party
        5. One (1) Coupon of 10% discount in Hyve and Skye bars
        6. >>To check out the 3 parties, details will be posted at www.globe.com.ph
      1. - Tickets will be delivered together with the handset once your application is approved.
      • - If you want to buy more tickets, simply show your Zedd Concert ticket from Globe at Hyve     or Skye bar to claim your P1750 off discount to additional Zedd Tickets. It will be Silver   tickets with a maximum of 4 tickets until November 25 only.


      1. - Promo duration is from October 31, 2013 - November 30, 2013
      3. - Promo is an Online exclusive offer for new subscribers, you may only get it via www.globe.com.ph



      Isn’t that simple and awesome? This is surely a double treat for everyone who will avail of this promo. Imagine getting a Blackberry Z10 or Q10, then getting free tickets to a live Zedd concert and other amazing parties in the Metro. You can use your newly bought Z10 or Q10 to take pictures of the parties and the concert. Use it to take selfies with your flashing clothes and capture the wild party moments of your friends!


      Party like never before with Globe and Blackberry! :smileyvery-happy: