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    How's the speed and reliability of Tattoo DSL in Dolores, Taytay?

      I'm planning on subscribing to their 2Mbps Plan but, I'd love to hear subscriber feedback, first. :smileyhappy:
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          Yeah. I am currently 2mbps. It was great but in case of small network issue you are always affected


          Based on www.JEIANNUEVA.TK SUPPORT
          2mbps - Stability 80%

          1mbps - Stability almost 90%

          512kbps (Not tried)


          2mbps - (Average 1.5)

          1mbps - (Average .8)

          512kbps (Not tried)


          2mbps - (Great) - due to exess bandwidth

          1mbps - (NOT) - Fit in for 1 service at a time

          512kbps (Not Tried)


          Network Enchancement Effect
          2mbps (100% Affected) - You find it hard to pushand make J.O

          1mbps (80% Affected) - Some 1mbps are being allowed to have J.O and push it



          YOUTUBE - 1mbps (360p)

          YOUTUBE - 2mbps (either 480p or 720p)

          YOUTUBE - 512kbps (either 144p or 240p)

          FACEBOOK - (High usage) - 1mbps

          FACEBOOK - (GAME USER) - 2mbps
          FACEBOOK - (Low) - 512kbps
          TWITTER - 512 is average

          ----- Recommended speed today (1-2mbps)


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            I subscribed to globe DSL 2mbps and it xucks! i talked to alot of representative over the phone and they provided me different information about the internet speed set up on the plan i have. i run the testinternetspeed.org and it gave me slow internet speed, 1.15mbps sometimes it drops to 0.19 mbps. i read the plan details that i subscribed on and found from this link http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/dsl.html#plans that "it is UP TO 2MBPS" meaning it is actually not 2mbps which is one thing that is decieving to their future customers based from their advertisements. One of their phone representative told me that they're following the law on somewhat like a cyberdeal law or whatever that was we're you would only be given 8gig of data(internet consumable load) per day regardless of whatever plan your in even if your on DSL plan. Once you already consumed the 8gig data in a day your gonna have super slow of data service then and you can barely stream youtube videos which is absolutely rediculous. THEN! they would offer you other plans! pitch on this sshit pitch on that and your gonna end up paying early termination fee of php 5000.xx, admin fee of php500.xx plus the regular monthly charge of your plan multiplied by 2months which to them it is in the contract. they say if your gonna change to business plan it gives you same monthly bill but unlimited data feed, unlike homeplan which would limit to 8gig per day. if you love or a globe fan, i suggest go for business plan so for you to avoid that 8gig limit then. hope this would help people who would like to switch to Globe.