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    E-Plus Card


      Hi, I won e-plus card from Globe. Anyone here who knows how to use it? Or does it even have load? :smileyhappy:

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          Hi @Haissey !

          Fill-up the form included in the package
          Go to the nearest e-plus booth located at SM cinemas
          Give the form and the card to the sexy lady
          She will encode that to the system and print your name on the card.
          After that tell her that you will use the free movie included in every new activated e-plus card.
          Select a movie and enjoy watching the show!

          It doesn't have a load, just a free movie pass (1 for every card)
          The free movie is for 2D movies only, meaning you can't use it in IMAX or any 3D cinemas.

          Libre mo ko movie @Haissey ? Hihihi :smileyhappy:
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            hello @Haissey ..Welcome to Globe Community..

            Punta ka muna sa SM cinema para maactivate si e-plus.. Fill up mo yung form na kasama ng E-plus card..:smileyhappy:

            pwede mo ring loadan yan sa SM cinema..:smileyhappy:
            to use, sa halip na magbabayad ka ng cash, yan ang gagamitin mo..

            Loaded na nga pala yan upon activation..:smileyhappy: pwede mo ng gamitin..:smileyvery-happy: