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    LTE Micro/Nano Sim Stocks


      Sabi sa akin sira daw yung batch ng LTE microsim na 4131 ang simula. Unfortunately, yun ang nakuha kong sim. I asked for replacement pero wala daw stocks ng LTE sim for Manila Numbers. tinanong ko kung pwede palitan na lang yung number ko para maging Cebu-based number, hindi naman daw pwede. So I'm still stuck with my Non-LTE sim.


      Saang branch ba merong stocks ng LTE micro/nano sims for Manila Numbers? Almost 2 months na ko naghihintay eh. Kaya nga ko nag-upgrade to Note 3 para sa LTE connection speed tapos hindi ko pa din magamit!!!! Hassle na kasi eh! Puro sorry na lang nariring ko! Sasabihin ng CSR, pumunta sa Globe Center Branch. Pag pumunta ka naman sa Globe Center Branch, sasabihin itawag daw sa Customer Service. Wow!! Customer Service satisfaction at its best!!

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          I also got a faulty micro lte sim card. It cant connect to lte and can only connect to H+ and H despite people around me can get the lte. went to 6 branches and all of them dont have any stock at all. 


          SM makati

          Ayala tower one

          Greenbelt 4


          SM San lazaro

          Lucky Chinatown


          Please inform us of a branch that has stock of the sim cards instead of making us run to 1 branch to another. Also i do not understand why your branches and CSR cant even contact a different branch, for a telecommunications company that's quite a lot of communication happening between branches.

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            Same thing here. 3 weeks na tong sim ko till now wala pa rin nangyayari sa LTE issue ko.
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              I am also experiencing this terrible customer service.


              I got my new phone yesterday (and I am now thinking why I recontracted with Globe again) and they don't have any nano sim available at Glorietta. The CSR told me to go to Greenbelt. No nano sim is available too.


              So I used the live chat support here in the site to ask if someone can direct me to the store who has a nano sim available. The CSR told me to go to EVERY globe store to check. (I have the screenshot of the chat).


              I went to Tower One this morning. No sim also. The CSR there told me to call the hotline coz they have access to check which store has nano sim.


              I called the hotline and the CSR told me they don't have any capacity to check.. so frustrating.


              I don't have the time to go to every globe store to check if they have nano sims. What's the use of a hotline if they can't even provide a decent answer?


              If anyone knows where I can get a sim card, please let me know. Thanks!