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    Slow Browsing and Request Time Outs



       I have the problem again on my DSL+Landline bundle plan. Internet browsing is slow because I get Request Time Outs to globe server and any website on peak hours (around 11AM -11PM). Only Speedtest works fast because it doesn't consider RTO. Around June-August I had this problem for more than 2 months and back and forth I had engaged with Globe's hotline and with multiple ticket numbers and back and forth visit by the technician which gave up because everything possible he could do won't solve my issue. I myself gave up because It was very frustrating taking all my time and noone was able to help me. Eventually after a few months problem disappeared.


      Now again, during peak hours, this dreadful issue is back. I get RTO's when pinging to globe's servers or any server.


      AND NO, I haven't reached my daily cap(Everytime I call to hotline theythrow this FUP on my face and forceme to do protocol troubleshooting for beginners)


      I don't know what to do. I don't have time to go through all the trouble of trying to work with globe CSR nor the technicians they send me because they were not able to fix this issue a few months back and I don't wanna waste my time in trying to go through this again.


      Is there anything that can be done? Anyone can help at all?

      Any advice?


      Thank you for reading my story..lol.

      I'm too frustrated with this sorry.