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    cant connect on SUPERFB15


      pa help naman po mga boss


      naka reg. p0o ako sa superfb15 pero hnd ako mka pag fb


      on nman ang data connection ko?? bakit kaya?? 



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          hi @crazieuno  :smileyhappy:


          i'd love to help you regarding your question. first of all, what kind of phone are using? an android, iOS phone?

          please follow this step it might help you:


          if you are using an android phone check the following:



          -more settings

          -mobile networks

          -use packet data/data services (pls click)

          -then select the access point name

          -it should be myGLobe INET

          -and enter this apn: http.globe.com.ph


          after which try connecting to fb via your mobile browser and not with the fb app.

          type in m.facebook.com :smileyhappy:


          but since we do have now the ongoing promo which is FREE FB till January 25 2014, you might want to try this one first and enjoy the free access :smileyhappy:


          hope it solved your query :smileyvery-happy: