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    Trade in gadget (iPhone)


      I saw this on Yahoo News. http://ph.news.yahoo.com/globe-s-prepaid--postpaid-pricing-details-for-new-iphone-5s-iphone-5c-philippines-are-in-070916026.html


      For Example, I am an existing postpaid subscriber(MySuperPlan 1799, iPhone5) and I want to avail this promo. From the Table, If I want to trade my ip5 to ip5s(16Gb), I need to pay 9,600 cashout and +400 monthly cash-out on my plan? or its just trade w/o cash out? Correct me if i'm wrong. Thanks. :smileyhappy:

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          Hi @mendejesus ! The 9,600 cashout (or 400 monthly for 24 months) applies to those who don't want to trade in their gadget and will get an iPhone 5S under mySuperPlan 1799.

          If you will trade in your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, there will be no cashout (your gadget is your cashout) and you will need to subscribe to a Forever Plan. Pre-termination fees may apply if you are still within a lock-up period.