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    Globe DNS servers hijacking browser and blocking Google sites


      I have posted before about the "FREE FB" offer affecting unlimited internet plan postpaid sucscribers. The solution to that problem was to opt out of the free fb offer ny texting FREE FB STOP to 8888.

      I have now discovered that if your device uses Globes default dns servers...it happens all over again...even if you are not using the "FREE FB" offer. Google.com and any sites using adsense etc are not loading.

      Luckily I come from an IT background and can change the dns servers in my modem...even if those settings are not in the menu.

      But what about the average user who has this problem?

      That can only be fixed by Globe. The lack of response to this issue is appalling. Globe have still to reply to any posts regarding this matter and left us with non working connections. The only solution was from another community member.

      Sort this out Globe. Your lack of response is very amateur and unprofessional.