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    tattoo 4g stick plan 999 termination fee


      gusto ko na po sana ipaputol yung tattoo broadband 4g stick na plan 999 nakalock in ng 24 months.  8 months pa lang po yung plan ko. magkano po kaya ang penalty na babayaran? balak ko kasi palitan nalang nung plan 999 na may kasamang phone. salamat po.

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          As @GIBO  would say in the other thread ...


          Please call the Hotline and talk to their Cancellation Team. They are the best people to have your phone cancelled.


          The terms and conditions you signed regarding cancellation might be different from the terms and conditions being implemented now.

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            I don't think you owe Globe the termination fee. Let me ask you this. Have you ever received anything close to 12mbps that they said you will receive? Thats the bottom line question.


            Measure your speed by going to speedtest.net. I doubt you are even getting 1.2mbps.


            My point is that Globe has never met their part of the agreement. Therefore, why should you pay their fee let alone their monthly fee??