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    globe connection problem


      is globe having there maintenance today? because i am experiencing connect and disconnect internet connection.

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          Hi @aldwin25 !

          What device are you using? DSL modem, WIMAX modem, LTE modem, USB DONGLE, or Mobile Phone?

          Im using a mobile phone and im located in manila, haven't experience any internet connection issue.

          Please call 211 or 730-1000 to have it check!
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            Call the hotline to check if there is an ongoing maintenance or network problem within your location. They may able to provide all the details regarding your concern on intermittent connection.

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              same here in laguna..  all my friends with wimax  experiencing that kind of problem. its a good thing that i have my back up pocket wifi here. starting 8 am  till 9pm  no stable connections.

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                saang area ka ba banda na nararanasan mo yang connection issues. im also in manila, ok naman ang mobile connectivity ko, may i suggest that you report your concern with globe specialist via hotline 211 or via twitter @talk2Globe, thank you!

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                  jujut ..

                  if your experiencing trouble on your connection much better to call your network provider than posting here, some problems cannot be resolved here since we all don't have access for the location if there is an ongoing trouble shooting on your site or any updates lalu na kapag hindi lng isolated sa connection mu .. para na den macheck and magawan agad ng paraan kung sakaling sa location nyo tlga ung may problema ..

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                    Hi aldwin25 ,



                    Thanks for being with globe community!



                    For No Dial Tone and/or No Internet Service and/or both. This needs to be directed to the hotline or online support, whichever becomes available to you, for job order creation.



                    If you have dial tone, you can always call the hotline via 173 or (02)730-1000 or (032)412-1000 via landline (TOLL FREE) and select the language, select to tattoo @ home broadband, select other concerns, select technical support and follow the prompts. Same goes with our hotline support via globe mobile or tm mobile. For globe mobile dial 211, for TM, dial 808 Toll Free (At least 7.50 Load for prepaid subscribers) and follow the same prompts.



                    For support via online. Go to globe.com.ph, hover your mouse over Help and Support, Click on Chat. And once asked to type what transaction you are looking for, type HOME SUPPORT to direct to technical support. Fill up the required fields and report your trouble for fast assitance.



                    Always make sure to ask for a job order number! However, if network maintence is occuring in the area, please be informed that job orders could not be created since the maintenance needs to be fixed before a specific concern can be further fixed.



                    You can always follow up your concern at any of our support channels. Just provide your reference number and you should always get help!



                    I hope this helps you and I hope you would enjoy being with us in globe!


                    Thanks and Best Regards!