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    College Student Application


      Hi, I'm Nikki, 19, and currently a college student in Manila. I applied for a postpaid plan via Globe Sales Hotline last November 3. The representative has told me that I may present my passport and school ID as my proof of identification and billing, and that I may do a 6-month advance payment, since I still don't have documents to submit as proof of income. He gave me a reference #, and told me that my application will be processed as soon as I pass my requirements. I was able to send my requirement on November 7, and since I haven't received any confirmation, I called Globe Sales Hotline on November 8. The representative told me that there has been a problem on the requirement I passed and told me that they will call me in 24 hours. Since I did not receive any call from Globe, I tried calling them again on November 10, and still, the representative told me the same response. 


      Today, I have received a call in the morning from Globe. The woman on the other line told me that I may not apply for a postpaid plan because I am still a STUDENT. Which is apparently much different from what the 1st representative told me. So I called their hotline again for the -nth time to verify if this is true. She said that I MAY APPLY, I just have to pass all the necessary requirements I can provide, and that she will call me in 24 hours. As of this moment, I still haven't received an update/call from them. 


      Should I just visit Globe Center or just wait for their call? Wasted so many days for these.