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    My Postpaid Plan Questions Regarding Blackberry OS10


      Hi, this is actually my first post here, anyways:


      I'm an active globe postpaid subscriber, been using unli Allnetwork (599) and BB socials (299) (sometimes BB Max 599) in my BB Bold 9900 phone.


      Since I'm about to reach my recontracting, I planned to get plan 999 and get a Z10 with it, then with the PV/consumables, I planned to get blackberry unli surf PV 599  and the rest are consumables. So right now, I happen to check the FAQs and it said that BBMax wouldnt work for OS10 devices,  now my question is, in the Plan 999, if I get the "Unli Surf PV 999" would that work in my BB OS10 phone?  Work as in LTE speed or even 3G.


      Then my next question is, since the newest blackberry 10 phone hasnt arrived in the Philippines, apparently i was given a Blackberry Z30 phone :smileyhappy:)) would that same plan that i planned to use with Z10 work with Z30? (they are both OS10 :smileyvery-happy: :smileyvery-happy: :smileyvery-happy: )


      Thank you!!! Sorry for the long story :smileyhappy:)