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    The PhP200.00 foodie challenge


      Okay, since this interest group has been silent since I have joined it, I would like to get our minds churning and our stomachs rumbling...


      So this is the challenge:

      If I only have PHP200.00 as my food budget, where is the best place to spend it (I mean the establishment) and what would be the food to buy. To make this more challenging here are some parameters to it:


      1. Restaurant and food sources must be universal (can be found in more than just one place) like for example you can't put a restaurant that can only be found in Manila. I mean come on, If I live in Olongapo, you can't expect me to go there just to eat.


      2. You (that means the suggester) have tried the meal/food that is being suggested. After all you can't say the food is good if you haven't actually tasted it yourself.

      3. You can go over the PHP200.00 budget only if its less than PHP50.00.


      4. The meal must include a drink.


      5. The food that would compose the meal may come from different restaurant/sources. In fact, it is highly suggested that the menu be unique from the combo meal that restaurants are suggesting.

      -Okay, that is just about it. Well you won't get prizes here, this is just for fun and at the same time to be able to share our love of food.

      -Also, since I don't have any poll function, (I dunno if this is okay but) we can just click "thumbs up" to the meal menu we like the best (or as the thumbs up description says, has "help us" into exploring further the world of food).