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    Upgrade the speed of DSL Internet only plan 999


      Good Day!


      I have been a subscriber of Globe Tattoo DSL since 2009 and we're paying 999 for a 1MB data only plan. I called in earlier and spoke with a globe representative who informed me that currently, Tattoo DSL has the same plan (999) but with a higher speed of 3MB (http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/products/home/dsl.html#plans). I was informed that I can request for an upgrade of the speed but in return I will have to renew my contract for another 24 months and pay the corresponding Admin Fee of Php 500+ (not sure of the exact amount) and it depends if our area is serviceable also processing will take 3-5 days.


      My questions are:


      1. If my area has been serviceable for the past 5 years, is there a chance that it will not be serviceable for an upgrade?

      2. Since I am a long-time subscriber, should I really pay the corresponding Admin Fee just to get an upgrade of the speed that I have been  paying for the past years? Please note that I didn't know how long it has been since Globe changed the speed of 1MB to 3MB plan 999 internet only package because if I knew I would have requested for an upgrade on the spot. :smileyhappy:






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          Please take note that the new plans have a limited amount of bandwidth per day. If you consume it before it strikes 12 midnight your speed will be capped. Also there is still an ongoing problem with that the speed or bandwidth does not refresh.
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            Ang daya naman po. Nung iniinstall ng mga crew nyo yung DSL namin, ang sabi Plan 999 is 3mbps kaya pumayag ako. Nung iniinterview na ko ng mga agent nila, pinasabi ng mga crew 1mbps yung sabihin koI I Hate You! Scammers! Nung bago sila umalis, pinakita ko nung tinest ko sa speedtest.net, 2.98Mbps yung downspeed. Pag alis nila, 0.98Mbps nalang.

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              i have a problem with my connection right now and paying the same plan 999, i have searched the web about the plan 999 and got here.


              i have called last week about this problem and your team sent a crew to inspect the problem yesterday. but they only just recommended me to upgrade my account to LTE. i asked them why and they answered me "sir kasi congested na talaga ung line na available sa inyo, pag nag uprade kayo wala po kayo ibang babayaran, kundi ung bill nyo po ay magbabago lang sa 1300 a month." nag reply lang ako sa kanila ng "ok sige, kailangan ko kasi ng maayos na connection." after they left bigla akong napaisip.


              Bakit ko kailangan mag upgrade kung ang plan na nai-promise sakin before ay plan 999 up to 3mbps. kaya nga kami nag avail.


              another question about sa reply sa taas. "it is being capped??" why??? are all the subscriber informed to before about this??or  if there are some changes in the plan are we also being informed about the changes?? or can any admin reply on this to be legit?


              i have also searched about the issues on the plan 999 and found this Tattoo Home Broadband DSL Plan 999 Internet-Only Plan.


              can any one explain this further???