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    pre termination fee


      how much is your pre termination fee for dsl?

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          Have a quick call to the hotline. Then Globe's agent will be happy to compute it for you :smileyhappy:
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            Hi. Does anybody here know how to compute the pre termination fee for an Unli Tattoo Plan 999 for iPad?

            I have already talked to 4 agents but they are all giving me different computations. I need some clarifications as well regarding the cash-out. How am I going to compute for my pre termination fee considering that I made an initial cash out for the device.


            Here are my details:


            Handset availed: iPad 3 Wifi+3G (Aug 2012)

            Handset Price: 29,990

            Cash-out upon application: 21,990

            Plan: Tattoo Unli Plan 999 (24 mos lock-in)


            The last agent gave me this computation for the pre-termination:


            50% of the handset price + 550


            I told her that I made an initial cash out of 21,990 and she gave me an answer that the cash out that I made cannot be factored in for the computation since that is their policy. How true is this?


            Need your help... 



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              AFIAK the computation is:

              (Handset Base Price - Cashout)/Total Contract × Remaining Contract
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                  Yes, ito din yung unang computation na binigay sa akin ng first two agents.

                  Apparently, this computation won't apply in my case since my plan is a Tattoo Broadband Unli Plan 999.


                  Talked to 5 agents already and they are saying na hindi carried ang cash out ko na 21,990 for my iPad which costs 29,990. Should I decide to terminate my contract earlier, I have to pay 50% of the amount of the iPad.


                  They are telling me that I have to pay around 15,000 to terminate my current plan with them which will end 7 months from now. Why would I pay 15,000 to terminate my plan earlier... I could just pay 7000 to them that will cover for the remaining 7 months from my contract!


                  i hope somebody from Globe reads this and can shed us some light regarding this.