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    Going Paperless


      Hi everyone! I’m running out of space to put all my utility bills! :smileytongue:


      I heard that Globe is now offering paperless billing, so I want to shift my billing from paper bill to paperless immediately... How do I apply for this on the Globe website?


      What do you think are the perks of going paperless? Has anyone had any experience going paperless?

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          Experience convenience when you enroll to Paperless Billing!
          - View your bills online, anytime, anywhere
          - Receive your bills sooner
          - Easily download and save your bills in your computer
          - Eliminate paper clutter as your bills will be sent via email and text
          - Know that your billing information is secure because your bill is password protected
          - Help the environment by saving trees and energy used for printing
          You can also enjoy the hassle-free experience of Auto Pay!
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            Howdy! We've been enjoying the perks of paperless billing for months now. Probably the best reason why we switched to paperless billing was to get rid of our clutter at home! :smileyhappy:

            You may want to check out Globe's feature on this. Go to http://www.globe.com.ph/gogreen. From there, you will be directed to the subscription page where you need to input your Globe mobile number and e-mail address. Then you're on your way to go green and help the environment.
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              Visit this link and simply fill the boxes to enroll online to paperless billing - http://www.globe.com.ph/paperless-billing

              We have been using paperless billing for some time now, and it's really convenient getting your bill via email. Plus environment friendly pa (save paper).
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                Paperlessreg - globe.com.ph
                ... Experience convenience when you enroll to Paperless Billing! ... Paperless Billing
                Auto Pay. Fill out this form to sign up for paperless billing. ...
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                  Hi, simply visit this link: http://www.globe.com.ph/paperlessreg


                  Fill out the details and you're good to go. 


                  Paperless is good because I can get my bills on time and the convenience is awesome.

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                    Just go to globe.com.ph and look at the upper right part of the homepage. Click 'sign up for paperless billing'. You will be led to a form where you can easily input your info and sign up for paperless billing in seconds. You'll get your bill via email, in a secured pdf format, with instructions on how to open it.

                    Another option for a quick view of your bill is dial *143# and press call. There's a billing menu that leys you see your unbilled charges and your outstanding balance. Now you can view your most updated bill in seconds!

                    Perks: fast, convenient and helps save trees :-)
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                      Great that you are interested in Going Paperless Billing!

                      It'll save you around 25php on your monthly bill if not mistaken, ganun as amin eh.

                      Anyway, since online ka naman, here is the most convenient way how::
                      Just fill up the required information on the link below and you should be good to go.
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                        Hi Ninja_Poof! All the information you need is at http://www.globe.com.ph/paperlessreg


                        If you have other questions, just post back. Have a nice day! 

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                          You may register for a paperless billing here:


                          With paperless billing, you can help save mother earth.
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                            I think the best way to do that is to register your account to https://accounts.globe.com.ph/registration. The user-fruendly site can easily be accessed in the internet.

                            The perks of the paperless transaction is doing everything without leaving your house or simply in front if your computer and even your mobile device.

                            Best to try yourself and share your experience here!
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                              hello you can enroll at this link http://www.globe.com.ph/paperlessreg or send "globegreen" to 2327. I already signed up for paperless billing and receive my billing regularly on email. The bill is on pdf format which is password protected so you alone can open it and then save it for reference on your hard disk drives so no more papers to file :-)
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                                Go to http://www.globe.com.ph.

                                Click on Postpaid > Help and Support Billing

                                Click on "Paperless Billing" on the Billing FaQs.

                                You may apply through any of the following:

                                Text GLOBEGREEN to 2327.
                                Visit www.globe.com.ph/gogreen and follow the on-screen instructions.
                                Email your account number and your intention to subscribe to Paperless Billing to [email protected]
                                Call your Talk2GLOBE Hotline at 211 toll-free from your Globe mobile or (02) 730-1000, toll-free from any Globe landline. You can also visit the nearest Globe Store.

                                I have tried paperlesss biliing and I recommend this to people who often check their emails. It's convenient. And you get to keep an archive of your bills in your inbox.

                                it's a hassle free way of doing you part to help Mother Nature.
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                                  go green
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                                      Just go to this site if you want to register for a paperless billing http://www.globe.com.ph/paperless-billing

                                      Help save Mother Earth and let's Go Green!
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                                        Go to https://accounts.globe.com.ph and register. Sign up for paperless billing. Then you can expect your bill to be available online. You can choose to view it anytime, anywhere. You can also pay online and the official receipt will be emailed to you the next day. :-)
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                                          no global warming
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                                            Just go to globe's website-- www.globe.com.ph.
                                            On the right side of the page, you'd find the option "Sign up for paperless billing".
                                            Then after fill in on the fields provided, both in the paperless billing tab.
                                            Wait for the test email.
                                            Once you're done, you can now pay your bill.

                                            Perks include: receiving an OR the day after you paid your bill for easier monitoring of transactions and expenses. You don't even have to print it, you can just store it to track your payments.. You can also View your bills online, anytime, anywhere, Receive your bills sooner, and etc... :smileyhappy:
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                                              Hi! You can register here: http://www.globe.com.ph/paperlessreg (The easiest way)

                                              There are two ways on how you can create an account:

                                              1. Login to www.globe.com.ph
                                              2. Click on the "My Account" link to view the enrolled accounts.
                                              3. Select a postpaid account that you wish to enroll in paperless billing, and then click on view dashboard.
                                              4. From the account dashboard, Click on "Go Paperless".
                                              5. A registration form with auto-populated fields (First Name, Last Name, Account No., Mobile No./Landline No., Email address) will then pop-up.
                                              6. Confirm your email address and then click on "Send Test Email".
                                              7. Check your email inbox if you have received the test email.
                                              8. If you did not receive the test mail, click the "I did not receive the test mail" link. A pop-up box will appear displaying the troubleshooting guide.
                                              9. If you received the test email, put a tick on the "I already received the test email". A 10. "Subscribe" button will then appear.
                                              10. Click on the "Subscribe" button to submit the registration.
                                              11. You will receive a confirmation message (while still on the web page) and SMS (for mobile postpaid accounts) that you have made a successful transaction.

                                              Enrollment procedure (Not logged-in)

                                              1. Go to www.globe.com.ph
                                              2. Click on "Sign up for Paperless Billing" under My Account.
                                              3. The registration form will then be displayed.
                                              4. Select to input Mobile Number/Landline if you are trying to register a Globe postpaid account or a Globe landline account. Select to input Account Number if you are trying to register a data-only or internet only account.
                                              5. Then enter the mobile number, landline number or account number in the field.
                                              NOTE: Steps 6-8 applies to Globe mobile only
                                              6. Click "Send SMS Verification Code"
                                              7: A verification code will be sent to your mobile phone
                                              8. Enter the verification code you received through SMS in the field
                                              9. Enter your email address where you want your eBill to be sent
                                              10. Confirm your email address
                                              11. Then click "Send test mail"
                                              12. Check your email inbox for the test email. Once received, click "I already received the test email". Otherwise, click "I did not receive the test mail", and follow the troubleshooting guide.
                                              13. Click "Subscribe" to submit the registration.
                                              14. You will receive a confirmation message (while still on the web page) and SMS (for mobile postpaid accounts).

                                              It's time to go green so go for paperless transactions with Globe. Aside from helping the environment, you can check your account anywhere and anytime!

                                              For more information about "Going Paperless," you can check this:
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                                                Thank you for your interest to avail a paper less billing!

                                                here's the link for you to apply:

                                                Just fill in the details Globe Mobile # or for internet-only account no.and email and enter the code and submit!

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                                                  I have been paperless for the last 2 years, makes me able to compile all my bills in one place.. Inside my email.. :smileyhappy: hehe.. Great service if you ask me.. 

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                                                    You really should go for paperless billing. It's actually even more secure, as your bills are sent directly to your nominated e-mail address. Bills are attached using pdf, and are password protected (although Globe nominated).
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                                                      I've been using paperless on my Globe billing since it started. Then comes this system upgrade and all bills are on hold. Then I think a few days ago, I received an email of my paperless billing (this is for the account of my hubby which I am also handling/managing) and I suddenly could not open the pdf file because it won't accept the password. The password has always been the same (surname and the last 4-digit of the mobile no.) and I've been using that even before the upgrade. But now after the upgrade, the pdf file would not accept it. Thus, I cannot open the billing statement. I could not view my bill. I, of course, am not going to pay my bill if I have not reviewed the billing statement. I immediately emailed globe customer service and only received an automated receipt with reference no.


                                                      Glenn and the rest of the Globe-staff here in our Globe Community: You should all take a look at this new problem which again started after the upgrade.


                                                      By the way, I haven't mentioned that the Globe online My Account is still not updated so it's also useless in viewing your account from there. And it still could not add my new account.


                                                      Grace Galang

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                                                          I tweeted @talk2Globe and @JohnOfGlobe responded and later resolved it. The password was changed. The surname included Jr. I just accepted it as the password and never asked why they included the suffix. hehe. :smileyhappy:
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                                                          @GraceG, thanks for the heads up on PDF issue. Have you tried closing and opening it again to retry? I tried mine and worked the same as before.

                                                          As for MyAccount, yes, we're still currently fixing it. It should be available in the next couple of weeks. You may check your bill from GServices app also.
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                                                            I'm already on my 9th month on paperless bill. 

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                                                              Im glad your issue has been fixed Grace. Im using paperless billing eithee since i started with Globe. No issues so far except for the delayed bill release recently but overall well satisfied.. ♥♥♥
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                                                                  I've been using it for the last 4 months.

                                                                  I am trying to pay may latest bill which is due by May 29, but somehow, I got an "Add new account" on my "My Accounts" screen.

                                                                  I tried to do adding new account, but I got an error message that my account number does not exist.

                                                                  Is online payment been suspended?


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                                                                  I have not received my paperless billing for the new BlackBerry Z10 plan my hubby got last March 2013 when it was launched. I could not even add it on his Globe Online account for viewing. Is this still part of the upgrade? Globe please advise. Thank you. :smileyhappy:

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                                                                      Please contact globe for it to be resend to the registered e-mail. or you may dial *143# to check out or request via self service at the hotline 211 for globe mobile and 02-730-1000 for landline
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                                                                          Call me old school but I still prefer to receive a hard copy of my bills from Globe though I also receive my bills through email and can view them on their secured site.


                                                                          For me, scrutinizing a hard copy and referring to past statements in tracing its history is much easier than in its soft version.


                                                                          I guess my history with Globe (since 1994) has taught me to be vigilant on how we are being billed as there are several statements which were inaccurate or have caused charges which were not supposed to be charged due to their technical glitches. Though it took some time, globe eventually reversed them.


                                                                          Also, a hard copy from Globe is a stronger proof and a more official way of our relationship with the company as we can prove when, where and how such statement was received in the case of disputes. Though we have our e-commerce law, its implementing rules and regulations have not been well defined nor has it been updated to reflect the fast advancements of the digital age.


                                                                          The hard copy also serves as a material where I write the date and the time of my call to a Globe CS person, the name (always without a family name), the waiting time, the comments and the reference number of my concern and the number of hours or days the CS will tell me when I would be getting feedback which in my nearly 19 years with Globe was NEVER followed. They MAY call but NEVER on the time specified. I know because I also write the date and time in cases that they give feedback on the HARD COPY of my bill.


                                                                          When disputes are not settled via CS for a period of 4 months, I write to the Globe department concerned (seldom are there names for they won't disclose) with a file copy duly received by Globe's representative (so I have proof of receipt) furnishing them a copy of their hard copy of the statement with my notes.


                                                                          Beleive it or not, I have done this even for a dispute of only  Php 2.00 (My messenger's transportation cost and my letterhead/envelope were even more expensive).


                                                                          Call me old school but I have my reasons.





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                                                                          di nman po ma access yung VIEW BILL!!! madalas, di pa updated :smileysad:


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                                                                            Ang alam ko may system upgrade sila and that's why may delay sa bills pero I already talked to an agent and sabi naman nila na naaadjust naman daw 'yun sa day of payment kahit medyo madelay since delayed din ang bill.
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                                                                              I subscribed to paperless billing since I enrolled my postpaid and broadband accounts. The problem is, it always arrived late!

                                                                              But it was better than the snail mail because that method took a couple of weeks before it arrives!

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                                                                                  But at least with snail mail, there is a paper trail as to when it was received by the subscriber as he/she (or their representative) is required to sign proof of delivery by the courier unlike if paperless, the assumption is that the recipient has read the statement at the moment it was sent without proper verification.


                                                                                  Globe's Paperless statement of account would be a nice back-up but as of now could not replace official documentation of billing which could be legally accepted in case of dispute. It may still be better to receive the statement in Globe's official paper until gaps are filled in the implementation of our ecommerce law. It is in our best of interest as consumers to be protected.


                                                                                  It is also surprising to know that Globe does not issue Official Receipts which could be printed on real time online transactions. That is one major flaw of the system which should be addressed immediately.


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                                                                                      @Tenoch There's a delay for now, but it will be delivered on a timely manner once the system has been completely optimized.

                                                                                      @ChitoReyes, we're working on having Official Receipt as part of the MyAccount, but for now you can already pay using globe.com.ph/paybill and an Official Receipt will be sent to your email after 24-48 hours.

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                                                                                    Hi there! Ive been new to paperless billing and i already signed up a week ago. Until now i didnt recieved any mail or bill. How long does it take pag mg register? Thank you
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                                                                                      i enroll... they replied to me to my email saying thank you for enrolling to paperless billing... BUT i got nothing! No Billing that is sent to my email and always late billing to my house..