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    Phone replacement due to typhoon YOLANDA


      Me and my family were typhoon Yolanda survivors. Though our house was destroyed I am still able to save some of my belongings such as my IDs and my Globe S4 phone which I got last June.


      I am still able to use it except that lines appear as if there is a radiation interruption and my charger and headphone are no longer working. I wonder if my handset could be replaced including its accessories.


      we are now temporarily relocated here at Mactan, Cebu. Ive got my plan at Tacloban City. Can I have it replaced here? What is the process?


      Hope to hear from you soon.

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          Hi @kixsh ... we are sorry about your experience and your loss of more valuable things but at the same time glad that you were able to survive that extraordinary ordeal.


          Going back to your concern, unfortunately, unless your phone was insured by Gadgetcare or a 3rd party insurer, I don't think any of the telcos nor Samsung are obligated to replace nor even repair your unit given the situation  under their terms and condtions.


          We are praying that extra ordinary services be provided to victims like yourself by the telcos  or even the phone manufacturers to be able to cope up with an unusual and unwanted situation that you have undergone.


          If there are other things that we may be of help to you, please do not hesitate to mention it here. 


          EDIT: As a matter of suggestion... perhaps you may go to an authorized Samsung Service Center in that area and expain to them your predicament privately. Who knows, though they might not replace your phone, they may just repair it for a huge discount if not for free if there won't be parts to be replaced. There are still kind and understanding people around. :smileyhappy: