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    New Nano Sim still inactive after recontracting


      Hi all - got my iPhone 5s last Friday at the Eastwood GBC around 12 in the afternoon. And yet up until now, my new nano sim is still inactive. They said activation will only take 24 hours. It's been 2 days, and still nothing. I've been using an iPhone 4s (microsim). So in effect, I have a new 5s, but it functions as an iPod Touch. :smileyfrustrated:


      Been calling the hotline since Friday evening, but they kept on saying to wait for 24 hours. Apparently there's a "pending" order for my recontract that's blocking the SIM's activation - but none of them knows what's the cause of this to have a pending status. I have NO pending balance whatsoever. I have a friend who managed to have his SIM activated just 20 minutes after recontracting with Megamall GBC this morning. 


      What's the deal? Can anyone advise what to do?