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    Postpaid Plan requirements


      Hi! I'd like to ask regarding the postpaid plan requirements. I'm planning to apply for it so my questions are these  >>

      1. Is it required that an applicant should be a regular employee from his/her current company? I worked as a TSR for 3months after I graduated from college last april then I transferred to a Japanese IT company as an IT Developer and I'm one of the pioneers there. So basically it's a new company and I'm still under probation for 3-6months.

      2. Is there a minimum amount of income for the application? I'm planning to get a postpaid plan with the Samsung S4 or iPhone 5S, my basic salary is 15k with transportation allowance.

      3. I wouldn't be able to present a proof of billing that is under my name. Our electric bill here is under my mother's name, do I need to get an authorization letter from my mom so that I'd be able to have a proof of billing?

      I hope you could answer my questions because I've been wanting to apply for a postpaid plan. Thank you ^_^

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          1. No, As long as you prove that you have enough income.

          2. The Credit department of Globe is the one who will decide but make sure that the MSF(Monthly Service Fee) of your plan is lower than your income

          3. Company ID is enough to have proof of billing address.

          For more information please refer here

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              Thank you so much for the very quick response. :smileyhappy:


              Will it still depend on them if they'll ask me to present a Certificate of Employment from my current company?


              Actually, my mom used to have a postpaid plan. She applied through her credit card but as far as I know she didn't pay her bills anymore because of the suspicious billing statement. She just applied for the 499/month but her bill had reached 12k. Is it still possible for me to present her as my guarantor? If not, will this issue affect my application for the postpaid plan?

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                  Hi @mutantx3 ...


                  The more documents you have to prove your credentials, the better so your Certificate of Employment would be of much help.


                  As with your mom, I suggest that you don't make her a guarantor specially if she has left some unpaid or unsettled bills even if if they are still under dispute or if no action has not been taken yet.


                  The idea of a guarantor is that she will assume your liability in case you default with your obligations so a potential guarantor's credentials would be questionable.specially if she  herself has liabilities left unsettled for a period of time.