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    Kababayan prepaid sim

      Im here in singapore and im using the kababayan prepaid sim.. How can my family from philippines send a cheaper text or sms to me here? Thank u...
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          Hi @monicalauren !

          Please visit this site ---> http://www.globe.com.ph/globe-kababayan/singapore

          and you may choose from

          • ITXTALL30
          • Super IDD (Landline and Mobile)
          • Globe tipIDD Cards
          • IDD Sakto Calls
          • IDD Tingi

          But if you want to have unlimited messaging/call here in PH, I may suggest you to you and your family to have an unlimited internet subscription on your phone or via wifi. Then install viber, wechat or kakaotalk. (Available on Android, iOS and some Blackberry handset)
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            I just want to clarify @notevenfollowed.. My family can reply directly to the number im using here if they register to ITXTALL30? If they are not registered it will cost 15php? Thank you so much!:smileyhappy:
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              Ms. Beautiful @monicalauren based on this --> www.globe.com.ph/itxtall30
              under FAQs

              8. How do I use ITXTALL30 after registering? How do I
              know my remaining ITXTALL30 balance?

              Texting is easy. Once registered, you may send a
              combination of 100 local or international texts using the standard text format at a discounted rate:

              09XX-XXXXXXX – e.g., 09171234567
              +639XX-XXXXXXX – e.g., +639171234567

              00(country code)(mobile number) -e.g., 006512345678
              +(country code)(mobile number) – e.g., +6512345678

              No additional prefixes needed.

              You may also check your balance by texting ITXTALL30
              BAL and sending it to 8888 or through the *143# menu.
              Checking of your balance is free of charge.