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    track/block postpaid phone


      I was recently robbed and stabbed last month (Oct 30) and among those things taken from me was my postpaid galaxy note 2 phone


      I have reported what happened via twitter and so far all they did was temporarily disconnect my account for a month and no more replies with my questions regarding the tracking, blocking, etc


      would i expect a faster and better service if i just go to a globe business center? I have lots of questions regardine the phone or getting a new phone etC


      I need to get back online asap. what happened to me is already taking its toll and I'm already getting depressed

      please help



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          Hi @kimyah ... sorry for what happened to you and God knows how traumatic it must have been. Nevertheless, we pray that you are now OK or at the very least on the way to full recovery.


          Moving on to your concern, while Globe has temporarily suspended your account which I assume was upon your request, you may request for another sim to use with another phone so you may continue with the better things in life.


          Regarding your phone... if the unit came from Globe, then a simple phone call to the hotline would enable them to block the phone from the network but I have to warn you that there are other ways hackers can do to make the phone usable again with the system so I would not really depend on device blocking.


          Regarding tracking... If you syncronize your phone with Google, go to android.com/devicemanager , log in with your google account and click your device and as long as your device is on and connected to some kind of network (mobile, wifi, etc) then you may be able to track your phone! This however is just good as long as your data is still being syncronized with Google... otherwise, it will just show when and where the device was last seen by Google.


          If I were you however, let go of the phone as its chances of being found and returned to you is realistically quite small.


          Hope this helps.

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              thanks! I'm not really hopeful my phone would come back tome  but if rendered unuseful or more expenses to the one who bought it then why not


              I've registered it to samsung dive but doesnt seem to work with the sim changed


              alsohad avast mobile  security and lookout and a bung others. now tryin to see which one works

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              @kimyah - Hi Kim. Sorry to hear about the loss of your phone. What Twitter handle did you use?