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      I had no problem with bills 1 & 2, bill 3 however gave me an issue. As you can see, MySuperUnliTxtAll period covered is from 10/16/13 - 11/15/13 which is 1 month subscription. I tried to study this issue, and it turns out, I was unsubscribed from the service. days after my subscription which was accidental in nature. However, I subscribed to the service again on the same day. But I noticed on my bill that the period covered was the same for the subscription which means that the previous subscription was just continued. So needless to say that you cannot charge me of the same service or subscription twice in a month. Your CSR pointed out that it was on my side that the cancellation happened. Yes I would agree to that because it was accidental. But I subscribed to it again on the same day that it was unsubscribed. So I noticed that the period was not changed. So I asked kindly that it be adjusted to remove the 1 month added to my subscription or less 534.97 which I am willing to pay as soon as I see your consideration.  As a suggestion, you could either add in your program a confirmation of unsubscription, such as (text "You have requested to unsubscribe<MySuperUnliTxtAll> service. Please reply <YES> within 1 hour to confirm your service request.") Still better, you could also add a PIN to subscription and unsubscription request to limit unauthorized use or unintentional use of the service. Thank you!


          "But I subscribed to it again on the same day that it was unsubscribed. "


          My hunch was that you were already subscribed on October 16 (Oct -16 - Nov 15) when you accidentally unsubscribed thus, according to the terms and conditions would be charged to you regardless if you opted out before its expiration.


          On the same day, you re-subscribed thus the double charge for the same period.


          Though Globe would be in a position to assert their rights according to the terms and conditions, I would think that they may understand your situation that it was purely an accident that you unsubscribed.  


          Just have a request to have it reversed out of goodwill (if the above case is true) and though it might take time for it to be escalated and decided upon, at least it is on record.