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    my blackberry 9900


      i have a problem can someone please help me, i applied a plan 999 with a blackberry 9900 unit in globe last july paid a cash out of 2300 pesos after 1 month the phone had a problem it hungs and off directly it has a problem so i admit it to globe so that they will fix it, and they said they will fix it in 1 month's time so i came to get it but its in other country so its okey until 2 months no txt and call so on the 3rd month i try to go to sm cebu to follow up it because i want to use my blackberry in europe cause im having a vacation but they said they will prioritize it so that i can have it in 10 days time but again no txt and call and now its the 4th month no txt and call but im still waiting and my patience is too long already i want to get angry but i extend my understanding...please help me :smileyhappy: