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    Upgrading Contract!


      Guys, can you help me on this... I have an existing postpaid plan (1799 for iphone 5) turning 1year this dec.29 (I have a 2year contract)... I want to upgrade to iphone 5s (plan 1799 as well), is it possible to have an early upgrade? or do i really have to terminate my contract now and get a new contract for 5s? Thank!

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          @bigkuya24 Hello there! If you're going with the iPhone Forever plans, it's best that you're out of lock up or your current contract ends on or before December 31 of this year. Because if you are, you won't have to pay for any pre-termination fees.

          If a subscriber is bound by an existing contract and will have the contract expiring after December 31, then there is a required pre-termination fee to be paid, which is computed as [(Base price of unit-Cash out)/total months of contract] x Remaining number of months

          The statement below refers to subscribers already subscribed to the iPhone Forever plan.
          The Contract Period is continuous for twenty-four (24) months upon line activation, i.e. it does not reset to 24 months upon availment of a new iPhone at any point between the subscriber’s 13th to 24th months in contract.

          Hope this clarifies :smileyhappy: This is also posted on http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/Bundles-Plans-and-Rates/Globe-iPhone-Forever/td-p/54747/page/8#.UoyeR3DdcvQ