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    UPGRADE turned into a huge DOWNGRADE


      november 19,2013 our upgrade for 3mbps became a downgrade from our previous 2mbps plan.


      Why? we got a phone call for a promo for the 1599 plan for 3mbps and unlimited call to globe or tm cellphones using our landline.


      and guess what? less than a few hours after playing mstar on garena my internet speed slowed down so I decided to call and they told us that we have capped our daily limit of 7gb's.


      Our previous plan was a 2mbps 1299 plan without this daily limit. for the entire year previous from yesterday. we never had any internet speed problem and always sticked to 1.94mbps-2.14mbps even with eahvy usage (normally gaming on both PC)


      I've also uploaded video's on youtube and a couple of live streaming on twitch tv and never had this problem.


      when I bought the Battlefield 3 premium edition which took a total space of 36gb or so on my SSD took me less than 8 hours to download. right now I just bought Skyrim 2:assassins of kings which is 10.xxgb and it's taking me longer to download.


      We applied for a broadband internet connection back in 2010 since we used to use the globe tattoo stick which has like 50php for 1 day but 1gb (now 800mb) daily usage and got fed with it. since we saw that the plan 995 the 1mbps dsl only has no daily limit like the usb stick we decided to apply for it and soon after upgraded to the 1299 plan with landline.


      We've never had any internet problems besides some slow internet connection during rainy days or days where there are some technical issues in our place except now. everything else is slow. I called the customer services and they said that If I want to have a no fair use policy (no limit) I should upgrade to the 4299 plan 10mbps or the 6299 plan 15mbps. 


      I see this as a big downgrade instead of an "UPGRADE" claimed by globe customer service. What's the use with a little bit of faster speed when you can only use it a few hours a day and a slow speed the rest of the day and even the 12am-5am refresh is not even constant. My old plan was 2mbps but throughout the day it's always at 1.94mbps-2.14mbps no problem's whatsoever.


      The globe customer service or whatever he is that recommended us this so called "PROMO" which means an Upgrade to what we currently have. What is an upgrade?


      raise (something) to a higher standard, in particular improve (equipment or machinery) by adding or replacing components.

      I see no improvements here in this so called PROMO instead all I see are downgraded speed after a few hours of gaming.


      Is this a way for Globe to service their old time customers? I've been ignoring the fact that our internet bill has never reached us for a year already. they kept pestering us for this go green or something so we will just receive it with our email and we have been declining that offer. Not only on our internet bills but even the 2 Phone bills for our globe lines(phones) are not even being delivered by the courier. (YES we have a broadband internet and 2 phone lines since we used to like Globe service back then and a few months ago and 2 days ago).


      I had this call few moments ago and they asked me if my computer is causing the problem. (Like if I'm using an older pc). I said no. I'm using a pretty high end pc for my autocad projects and some photo/video editing.


      Intel i7 3930k/GTX 680 Lightning/Corsair Dominator Platinum 64gb (8x8GB). I built this my self and I would know if there are some problems going around. I doubt my pc is slow either.