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    iPhone 5S Loyaly Reward/Recontracting




      I recently renewed my postpaid plan from an iPhone 4S to the iPhone5S. Yes, my contract's finished. I had the Php 1,799 plan for the 4S and got the same thing for the iPhone5S. When I got the iPhone5S the representative told me that there's a cashout of Php 9,600 to get the iPhone 5S. I noticed that NEW subscribers would pay Php 9,600 under plan Php 1,799 to get the iPhone 5S which is exactly the same thing I'm paying for recontracting. 


      Am I not getting any rewards or rebates when recontracting to the iPhone 5S as I'm paying the exact amount as new subscribers? Oh, and I renewed 2 iPhone4S plans to 5S with Php 9,600 cashout each...


      Any clarification would be real nice... Thanks!



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          The offering for a new application and recontracting is actually the same sometimes even that the new application is given priority.


          The rebate is only a choice exclusive for recontracting which in reality I prefer over a device but one would have to choose only one... either a rebate or a device for the period of the contract.


          If you compute it over a period of 24 months, you get more from the value of the rebate which remains constant or may even increase rather than a phone which depreciates drastically on a short period of time. With a device/phone, you cannot opt out of the contract unless you pay pretermination fees while in rebates, you can opt anytime.

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            Hello, Fellow Wonderful Creatures!


            If you are recontracting, you may decide to migrate to the current plan with Peso Value, Combos and Boosters.


            I am not sure why should the corresponding Peso Value for your chosen handset be waived, even if you scream and shout and let it all out.


            The loyalty program of this network have changed already. There's Globe Rewards. Move on with wonderful colors.


            As for the debate between Rebate and Handset Availment, I find it practical to avail the Handset instead of the rebates.


            While I am not updated with the current rebate program, it's not right to compare these two entirely different things.


            If you are out of contract and you need to replace your current phone with the latest one, you may have two options:


                 Buy the new handset from a retail store and continue with your current plan. Or


                 Avail the new handset from Globe and continue with your current plan.


            Which is practical?  I hope your answer is as good as my little brother's answer.


            But if you don't need a new phone and would like to continue with your current plan, then go for the rebate.


            This network treat all its subscribers the same, new ones ( ones not once not twice) and not so old ones (once upon a time).  We are all subject to the same Unfair Use Policy.  We all experience poor mobile internet connection.




            We accept the things we think we deserve.

            - The Perks of Being WILL


            (By the way, there's an exception to this. This network treats irate and demanding subscribers differently.  See for yourself.)