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    Turn your GCash to Rewards and redeem faster!


      Hi Community!


      Turn your GCash to Rewards and redeem faster!




      All registered GCash subscribers can easily convert 25 GCash to 20 Globe Rewards points to self that they can use to buy products or services from our partner merchants. Points that can be used to enjoy movies from Ayala Malls Cinemas, buy your favorite treats from SM, Jollibee and a whole lot more!


      This offer is open to all Postpaid, Prepaid and TM registered GCash subscribers. Corporate and corporate Platinum accounts are excluded from the promo.


      How to start converting?

         1. Ensure you are a registered GCash subscriber

              Register to GCash in 2 ways! -

                 - Dial *143# > Choose GCash > Register

                 - Download the GCash Mobile App in iOS, Blackberry or Android phones

         2. Fund your GCash account

                 - Go to any GCash outlets nationwide

                 - Via Online Bank Transfer - Via BancNet ATMs

                 - Via Mobile Phone Banking

         3. Convert your GCash to Globe Rewards Points

                 - Dial *143#> GCash> Buy Stuff> Convert 25 GCash to 20 Globe Rewards Points to self


               Successful transactions will receive a FREE SMS notification of Globe Rewards Points seeded on the next              working day.


      What if you want to convert more than P25 GCash to Globe Rewards points, would this be possible? The answer is YES, you can convert up to 10,000 Globe Rewards Points daily. You can transact and convert up to 500 times daily.


      I will convert P25 GCash to 20 Globe Rewards points, why is there an inconsistency? This is because the transaction fee for this promo is P5. Subscribers will be deducted P25 inclusive of transaction fee, 5 pesos, of 20 Globe Rewards Points.


      What about sharing your GCash converted to Globe Rewards points to others, would this be possible? Nope, this is not possible. You can only convert GCash to Globe Rewards Points for yourself only.


      If you want to share your Globe Rewards Points to others, simply text: SHARE 10-digit mobile number of your friend no. of points to 4438. P1/transaction will be charged to the sender.


      For subscribers with activated pin, you can share by: Texting SHARE < space > 10-digit mobile number no. of points PIN to 4438. P1/transaction will be charged to the sender.


      You can share a minimum of 1 point and allowed a maximum of 5 transactions per day.


      After the transaction of converting your GCash to Globe Rewards points, you will receive an SMS notification informing you that your transaction was successful. Points will be seeded to your mobile phone on the next working day.


      You can check your Globe points balance in 3 ways:

         1. *143#> My Rewards > Check point balance> Total Available points or

         2. Text BAL to 4438.

         3. Globe Rewards Mobile App.


      P1/transaction applies to Prepaid and TM subscribers. Transaction fee is free of charge for postpaid subscribers.  

      At the same time, your P25 from your GCash will also be deducted from your account.


      You can also check your GCash balance to keep track of your transactions. You can check your GCash balance in 2 ways:

         1. Dial *143# > GCash> Account > Check Balance > Enter 4-digit MPIN (4-digit).

         2. Download the GCash Mobile App for FREE > Enter 4-digit GCash MPIN > Check current balance.

        • Re: Turn your GCash to Rewards and redeem faster!

          I guess this promo is not efficient. Hindi even ang value ng reward points sa 1:1 ratio. You're buying for the reward points. for example, you can convert your 25 GCash to 20 Globe Reward Points (GRP). Meaning, you bought for 20 GRP with a conversion fee of 5 pesos. Buti pa ang GCASH at PESO VALUE 1:1 ang value

          Another example:
          SM Movie Passes (400) is worth 607 GRP. Bibili na lang ako ng SM tickets worth 400 kesa iconvert ko pa sa Globe reward points ang GCash ko.. It's not even rewarding. kung tutuusin luging lugi ako sa pag bili ng Globe Reward Points dahil mas mahal ang nasa Catalog kumpara sa original face value nya.


          Ok lang sana kung ang SM Movie Passes (400) is worth 350 or less right? di ako magdadalawang isip iconvert ang GCash ko kung ganyan ang catalog prices nyo.. 


          It's not even WONDERFUL. -.-