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    Galaxy Note 3 Mobile Data Problems




      I am subscribed to an unli data plan for my note 3 but I can't seem to get a consistent connection. I've already had the phone for 2 weeks. The data plan only got activated on the 2nd week.


      My mobile data is on all the time, I don't turn it off. But once it loses mobile data signal (network signal is always full bar) it won't reconnect to mobile data again. At first, I always had to manually restart the phone for it to conenct to mobile data. Sometimes, after only a few seconds, I lose the mobile data connection immediately and I have to restart it again.


      Recently I've tried just turning on airplane mode then off and it works. Mobile data signal gets picked up again. But I can't connect for a long time. The longest I've been connected is about an hour but once it loses the connection, I either have to restart or turn airplane mode on and off for it to look for mobile data signal. Turning mobile data on and off doesn't work (I've tried several times)


      I've also already tried removing the battery as advised in other forums to no avail. I'm wondering if this is a device issue or a signal issue. 


      I also experience a similar situation for wi-fi even though the signal's strong. My power save is also turned off.


      Hope someone can help.