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    iphone 5s delivery


      its another friday, Nov. 22, and yet no delivery yet of my iphone 5s. duh!!!!!

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          Hi JoyOgayon,

          You may have to call their hotline for that. I received an SMS last Nov. 19 that I need to call 730-1057.

          I called them up, and they promised that the unit will be delivered on Nov. 20. Unfortunately, the agent made some mistakes while processing my application. So when I followed up my application, another agent told me that it will be delivered on Nov. 22. But hell, I got nothing again. Then I called up yesterday, another agent processed my application and promised me that it will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully, he's telling the truth. But it good to try out. If my handset won't be here tomorrow, I'll switch to Smart instead.
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            usually if the agent tells a date, its an estimate.
            but sure enough that's its already routed thru their delivery channel (usually Air21) you will receive an sms from Air 21 hours before the delivery.

            you can follow-up your request again and again to the hotline. just to make sure that its already for delivery