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      Hi guys, I am planning to retain the plan i availed (super family combo plan) so that I can avail new set of smartphones though  Im still completing the 2-year contract: currently 18th bill out of 24 bills.

      I am thinking that my request is better because I can say that globe is secured that they will have me as a customer for another "two" years of contract (thus I'll be a 4-yr contract holder) as soon as now than letting me finish yet the 2-yr contract. I say better because there is a  chance that I can still change my mind if i will wait for the month of october (completion of 2-yr contract).

      I am aware that if I will get the new set of smartphones as early as now, my uncompleted contract will not yet stop plus another 2 years will add up on the line, so i will still pay for a total of 48-month billings. the difference is just  the smartphone is going to be released earlier (instead of october)

      anyone share your opinion? it will definitely help! :smileyhappy:

          You can get loyalty reward once you finish your current plan, if you want to avail now the new handsets your option is to apply for a new line. I suggest better wait until the end of your current plan then apply for recontracting rewards. October is just around the corner, more new devices will arrived or available by then. IP5s will be available by dec.