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    My load is being deducted unfairly


      When I send text messages TO A GLOBE NUMBER, sometimes P1 is deducted from my balance, and sometimes P6 is deducted. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY! It's supposed to be only P1 for each globe to globe text! NOT P6! Another annoying problem is, MY LOAD IS DEDCUTED EVEN IF I DO NOT DO ANYTHING AT ALL.


      I loaded P100 1:00 in the afternoon. I sent a 5 messages, P20 was deducted. The last message I sent was around 5pm. And guess what? At 9:00pm on the same day, when I tried to send a message, I recieved a notification that I HAD 0 LOAD. WHERE DID THE REST OF MY LOAD GO??? I really did not use my phone to send a message, call or surf the net between 5pm and 9pm!!!


      I spent P350 in 3 days! And to think I only send a handful of messages. This is really pissing me off. I chose Globe because the signal is good and I thought it is trustworthy, plus I could save some money. Well, it turned out that I'm spending more than I should.


      Check out this link --> https://getsatisfaction.com/myglobe/topics/globe_eats_up_my_loads?page=2

      Others encountered the same problem. Please fix it ASAP.