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    globe customer service is abysmal

      Let me count the ways:
      1. They always open a 'report' with a promise to follow up. Never hear anything back.
      2. When you call again to follow up you're informed there's been no activity on the 'report'.
      3. They advise a new 'report' will be opened. Thus begins the cycle.
      4. Alternate scenario - when you call again to follow up on said 'report', you're told it's on hold because you failed to provide follow up information. Ask the agent if anyone called you to ask for the missing information -- surprise -- they say no.
      5. Back to item 3.
      6. Issues can remain pending for months at a time. Got an issue since jan 2013. Now's nov 2013 and still pending.
      7. Would you be surprised to hear if agents won't skip a beat to recommend opening another 'report'?
      8. Attempt to leave and demand for a waiver of the pretermination fee -- expect a runaround.

      Any legal advice out there?