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    damaged phone

      i went to globe sm delgado last oct. 2 2013 to consult about my damaged phone. they told to return after 1 month to claim my phone but until now, i havent claimed my phone. according to them, the company will just call me if i can already claim my phone, but until now, i haven't received any calls. can i ask for further actions abouth this? thank you! good day
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          Hi @AceGilpo ... If I may ask:


          1. Was your phone still under the 7 day replacement policy?

          2. Was it an iphone or a Blackberry?


          If your answer is No for both questions then your unit should have been brought to the Manufacturer's authorized service center for the warranty claim if any. Otherwise, Globe will just froward it to them and will just add some time for schedule of forwarding, delivery and pick up aside from the time for it to be reqaired.

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            "the company will just call me if i can already claim my phone" - A disgusting service verbatim from a local ISP
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              basahin at intindihin ang binabasa pag may time... di naman replacement ang concerned brad... after i-consult ung fon, 1 month na saka sinabi na "the company will just call...", lagpas na ata isang buwan umaasa si brad ibalik ang unit nya...