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    Iphone 5S Gold - no stocks?


      I decided to reconstruct my current postpaid plan and get the Iphone 5S. Everything was all set by a sales rep over the phone and I was advised to pick up the unit at my preferred Globe business center (SM Marikina) at launch date. 

      When I went to SM Marikina, I saw my name on a sheet of paper which I suppose is a list of people (more or less 50 people) who are supposed to pick up their handsets at that time. The representative at the place told me that my desired unit - an Iphone 5S Gold 32GB - is not available and it was not included in the delivery. 


      Really? No available unit at LAUNCH DATE? 


      It's been a week since the so-called launch date and I haven't heard anything. 

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          I have a suggestion for this, and I know this usually (but not always) works.


          You can try visiting a Globe store (of I could say, a sheer size) to Lend a spare unit for you.


          Most stores that I know willing to spare a unit, they just need your Case number, and if they have stock, they won't hesitate to issue you one.