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    LG G2, discontinued in globe postpaid


      Hi helpful people of this growing community,


      Can anyone help answer this, I just got off the phone with one of th support team representatives saying to me that they no longer have any stocks of the LG G2 nor will they ever have. I got approved last Nov 14 for my application, it took them10 days to call me, which was suppose to be withing 48 hours after approval . Is this really true? Will globe really discontinue to offer such an awesome phone? Please understand I'm not bashing anyone, I'm just confused that LG Phils is still advertising this model and the GBC's I've been have display units. Yet not one of them has any stock.  


      P.S. If anyone knows a GBC within metro manila who still have the LG G2, kindly post your replies. I've tried the following GBC with no luck:


      1.) Greent belt 4

      2.) SM Southmall

      3.) SM Manila

      4.) SM San Lazaro

      5.) Glorietta 3 


      Any information to this matter would be very apprciated. 



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          Hello MrBig.


          Where did you apply for a Postpaid line?


          All Application channels (Store, Online, Hotline) does the same thing. If you applied for a certain handset and It gets approved, but suddenly Discontinued the offer (Just like what happened to HTC One M7), they mean it. It means that you have to CHANGE the unit you availed, but it means another processing of application. It will be better to apply for a new (and a sure one) than to wait for nothing.


          I had this experience with HTC One M7. I had Hotline application last July 16, Gets approved by July 22. Yet they say, they are out of stock. So I just wiated for a stock.  After almost 2 weeks of waiting, I called to my frustration that there will no longer be a stock of M7. So I had just changed my unit to an Apple Iphone, and it has been re-processed again (Verification, HR Calls, Delivery Callout). It took a month for it to re-process. Should I didn't change. I won't have an additional line.


          Please consider a Possible change in unit.

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            Try shangrila globe. I just went there today to get a 2nd line but was not entertained. Pero they have lg g2 in stock.